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Knowledge, Experience and our extensive Global Network combined into tailored solutions to suit every need of your business.

Symmetry Logistics Services creates value across the automotive industry by having both resources and expertise along with an extensive global network. Our tailored solutions suit every need in this sector from inbound logistics, to packaging and after sale services.

Our highly qualified experts support an extensive range of services:

  • Parts and Manufacturing Materials
  • Multimodal Distribution of Parts and Vehicles
  • Variety of Packing and Value added Services
  • Second Hand Vehicle Logistics
  • Demolition and Second Hand Parts Logistics
  • Scarp Logistics
  • Classic and Luxury Vehicles Logistics
Oil & Gas

Variety of Services, Team of Experts and Strong Global Network are our three unique strengths to deal with every enquiry in this sector.

Symmetry Logistics Services provide a wide range of services in all areas of this industry. A network of specialists throughout the industry supply chain in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa dedicated to support and provide:

  • Vessel Management
  • Oil and Gas Supply Management
  • Offshore and Maritime Management
  • Support for Drilling
  • FPSO Operations
  • Semi Sub, Jack up and offshore Barge Operation
  • Load out, Transportation and Installation
  • Anchor Handling
  • Dynamic Positioning Approval, Assurance, Trials, Procedure Review and Incident Investigation
Marine Logistics

Symmetry Logistics Services offers a range of comprehensive solutions in this industry from supply of Spare parts to Bunkering and Crew Management.

Years of experience in providing procurement services and close relationships with spare part suppliers, ship owners, ship management companies and agencies globally have enabled us to provide an efficient, cost-effective, just in time and highly competitive service to our clients for wide range of vessels such as dry bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, multipurpose vessels, yachts and boats.

Our specialized team provides a wide range of products:
  • Engine
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Electrical and Lightings
  • Pumps
  • Water Treatment and Separator
  • Galley, Laundry and Accommodation
  • Electric Motors and Generators
  • Compressors
  • Propulsion
  • Navigation and Wheelhouse
  • Safety and Personal Protection
  • Mooring Equipment

Our Local Knowledge, Team of Specialists and years of Experience has created a one stop shopping solution for movement of Agricultural products from Door to Door.

Symmetry Logistics Services has the experience and expertise to manage all aspects of logistics in this sector from warehousing and inspection to loading trucks and containers. A dedicated and highly qualified account manager looking into every single need in your shipments to provide an efficient, low cost, environmentally concerned, JIT (Just In Time) services:

  • On-Farm and Off-Farm Transportation
  • Cold room Storage and Inspection
  • Temperature Controlled Trucks and reefer containers
  • Temporary and Long Term Storage Solutions
  • Transportation of Agricultural products including live stock, fertilizers, implements,
  • seeds and etc.

Symmetry Logistics Services efficiently transport, distribute, deliver and service your products on a global scale.

Symmetry Logistics Services provides comprehensive solution for all areas of the Pharmaceuticals, Medical equipment, Cosmetics and Personal care products. We understand the delegacy of this sector, and have a team of experts taking care of every step of the movement, from the manufacturing site to shelf delivery. Under high standards of care, we have developed services such as:

  • Dedicated teams worldwide
  • Temperature Controlled Pre-Carriage and Delivery
  • Temperature Controlled Air Freight
  • Temperature Controlled Road Freight
  • Temperature Controlled Sea Freight
  • Temperature Controlled Storage

Construction & Plant

Symmetry Logistics Services offers a comprehensive range of solutions to this sector. 

Symmetry Logistics Services provide a wide range of services to the construction and plant industry. Regardless of the size and weight of these machineries, our team of specialists with years of experience in new and used machinery markets from Europe, America, Far East to Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Your dedicated key account manager will provide a wide range of efficient and In-Time logistics solutions with the vision to every need of your shipments from A to Z.

Our team of experts offers variety of services:
  • Inland haulage
  • Transportation, storage, dismantling
  • RoRo, Break Bulk, Container, Consolidated Services
  • Pre-Purchased inspection
  • Destination On-Carriage and delivery

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